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Correcting environmental impacts on Loriguilla Reservoir

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Confederation of the Júcar Basin - Spain


The work objective consists of executing two dams in series, within the Loriguilla reservoir, over the Tuéjar river, complementing the renovated recreational area. The aesthetic aspect of the weirs was integrated into the design along with keeping in mind the work and its surroundings.


The Environmental Corrections Impact in the Loriguilla Reservoir consists of executing two dams in series over the Tuéjar river, complementing the renovated parking area. The dams have a manual control device for emptying the water and waterproof screens to reduce possible leaks.

The modifications affect the following work elements: 1. Fish scales, 2. Widening the water surface, 3. Deforestation within the project area, 4. Security bars on the old road C-234, 5. Banisters in recreational areas.

The typology scale chosen is that of the route of the successive ponds. The section adopted consists of a small channel excavated in the ground. The lower part of the section, intended for water circulation, is configured with a rectangular section with a concrete base 1 m wide inside and 0.6 m high in width: 3H:2V. This section is able to be an environmental area with vegetation, to keep the species Tamarix Galicia in the berms in mind and Populus alba at the top of the slopes. To guarantee stability of the old road C-234, a 4 m high infill is planned on both sides of the zone next to the right abutment of weir 1, where the road runs on top of a landfill confined by ashlar walls 7 meters high.

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