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Extension of the Av. Universitaria- Av. Caudivilla District of Carabayllo.

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The objective is the improvement of the continuous access of traffic through the Extension and its accesses, with the extension for a length of 2.540 m of the Universitaria Avenue, classified as a Main Road in the Metropolitan Road Plan of Lima, and its connection to Tupac Amaru Avenue via Manuel Prado Avenue, both classified as Distributor Roads in the Metropolitan Road Plan of Lima.


The project consists of the extension of Universitaria Avenue, starting at the intersection with Sr. de Caudivilla Avenue, upto the intersection with Manuel Prado Avenue, an estimated length of 2.54 km. The project also includes the extension of Manuel Prado Avenue to Tuma Amaru Avenue.

The type of road surface is a multi-layer structure composed of paving base, sub-base and asphalt top layer.

The objectives of the project, considering as the end result an increase in the quality of life of the neighboring population are:

  • To increase vehicle flow, linking up with indirect objectives such as: a fall in cost for people’s travel to and from Tumac Amaru Av. or Caudivilla Av. and time-saving with regards access to public transport.
  • Removal of rubbish and dump sites thereby aiding disease control.
  • Efficient commercial development of the various businesses installed in the consolidated area of Universitaria Avenue.
  • Relocation of properties which impinge on the road domain will contribute to reordering the city in this area and the probable payment of a fair price of expropriated lands will lead to roadside areas being legally occupied.
  • Topographic Data
  • Evaluation of the current road status
  • Road Design
  • Traffic Study
  • Soil and Pavement Study
  • Signalling and Road Safety
  • Measurements, Technical Specifications, Price analysis, Budget and Execution Schedule
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Inferences Evaluation

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