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Improved Signing and Marking in Valencia.

Portfolio Detail

Valencia City Council - Spain


Control the correct execution of maintenance work and new placement of vertical and horizontal signaling of traffic, elements of beaconing, containment and protection on the roads and roads of the municipality of Valencia. Assist technically and administratively the internal tasks of the Signaling Section of the City of Valencia.

  • Inspection of works performed.
  • Quality control of materials
  • Supervision of billing work orders.
  • Design and maintenance of the computer application employed for:
    • Handling file management,
    • The control and report of all activities conducted by contractors, together with a GIS application consisting of a geo-referenced database of road sign, warning lights, roadside barriers and defense elements within the municipal district, linked to maintenance and installation orders..
  • Breakdown and incident detection in the state of conservation and location of vertical and horizontal road signs throughout the municipal district..
  • Issue of work orders for contracting companies, under the supervision of municipal agents.
  • Technical support, both on the ground as well as at office level, for administrative tasks, consisting of:
    • Response files to claims from the general public,
    • Liaison with other departments or administrative services with regard to vertical and horizontal road signs on municipal roads.
  • Drafting of new and modification projects for road sign, warning lights, roadside barriers and pedestrian protection elements.
  • Health and safety coordination during works execution, with special attention to high intensity routes and at night.

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