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Relocation of the moving bridge of the Port of Valencia

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Valencia Port Authority - Spain


Execution of a mobile swing-type bridge over the exit channel of the inner harbor basin of the Port of Valencia, re-using as long as possible the materials belonging to the mobile bascule bridge located over the former harbor mouth. The bridge will convert from rail use to road use. The requirements of its new location along with its new use have led to the modification of the deck making it longer and wider. Perform the tasks established in the Royal Decree 1627/1997, of October 24, including the previous revision of the Health and Safety Plan with the drafting of the corrections report, the favorable report of the Plan, and the follow-up of the work through follow-up visits to the works, with the preparation of the visit report.


In an attempt to make as much use as possible of the existing bridge, a total lengthwise cut of each of the bridge’s leaves was conducted in order to split, into two, the main support system and transfer it to the new location using a pontoon. Two on the south bank and two on the north bank of the canal while incorporating a new partial structure into the central section between the two separated areas of each bank to provide continuity in order to form a 18.00 m wide deck. Additions were made to the two leaves making them longer and adapting them to the turning mechanism required in order to avoid rubbing or bumps between the two leaves during the opening and closing process.

At the new location, it has been necessary to recondition a part of the dock in order to adapt it to the new situation. In order for the leaves to rotate, a patella has been fitted, along with sliding tracks and thrust cylinders in order to achieve the required torque swivel. The bridge’s control booth is located on the north bank where all maneuvering operations are conducted.

  • Organize the coordination of business activities
  • Coordinate the actions and functions of the correct application of working methods
  • Adopt the necessary measures so that only the people authorized can access the work
  • Coordinate the application of the general principles for prevention and security
  • Coordinate the work activities
  • Approve the Health and Safety Plan prepared by the Contractor

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