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Technical Assistance Service for information management at the Traffic Management Centres

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General Traffic Directorate DGT - Spain


The widespread implementation of ITS systems on Spain’s road network is a current reality as is the increasing complexity of how they are managed and operated by Traffic Management Centres, caused, amongst other things, by fast developing technology, the implementation of ITS systems associated with evolution towards the connected vehicle, the development of autonomous driving and safe and sustainable mobility. The above reasons have prompted the DGT to contract highly qualified and specialized technical support for the preparation of reports, studies and computer development related to their competencies in matters of traffic and mobility.


CPS has been a provider of consultancy services to the DGT since 2002, with contracts that have included the drafting of specialized studies and reports for different Traffic Management Centres throughout the country. This work has been undertaken continuously at the CGT in Valencia since 2002, in the Zaragoza centre since 2005 and at different periods of time in the Centres in Madrid, Valladolid, Malaga and Sevilla.

Work in the Valencia Traffic Management Centre from 2002 was highly valued by management and endorsed by obtaining new contracts in the Traffic Management Center of Valladolid and Zaragoza in July 2005. In October 2009, as further confirmation of the excellent work carried out over the years in the Traffic Management Centres listed above, new contracts in the Traffic Management Centres in Madrid, Malaga and the Southwest were won.


  • Our work is highly valued by the state administration.
  • Our work is implemented in a technological environment with the latest developments and resources existing in the Traffic Management Centres.A wide range of systems are employed in the management of traffic, assistance, use of data and information provided to users and to the media.
  • Management Centres are comprised of multi-disciplinary teams including Civil, Telecommunications, Industrial and Computer Engineers specialized in programming, systems management and software; Road Safety Auditors; Experts in traffic modelling and simulation, Specialists in Transport Economics, etc.
  • Included in the wide range of tasks developed inside a traffic management centre, is, among others, the development of databases and computer applications; traffic studies; micro and macro modelling; road safety studies; mobility reports or dashboards for decision-making.

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